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Indocoating Exhibition (Batam)

We successfully exhibited at Indocoating exhibition in Batam in May 2011. We would like to thank all customers who came to make this a successful event.

Approved coater of Whitford

Offshore Technology Conference

Tri-Star participated in last year's Offshore Technology Conference held in Houston's Reliant Center. This is one of the largest international oil show in the world and we had a good show!

ONS 2008

Mastercote Salt-Fog-Spray Test

Tri-Star is proud to announce that its MASTERCOTE PTFE coating on fasteners has withstood 9,000 hours of salt-fog-spray test without showing signs of ANY rust. Over the last 25+ years, Tri-Star has continuously improved its coating technology and production & quality control processes to achieve ever improved results to exceed our customers' expectations!


New Products-Mastergard

Ceramic/ Metallic coating on fasteners was successfully created to meet the stringent specification of our Middle East customers. Test showed that this MASTERGARD coating can withstand salt-fog-spray test till 4,500 hours with the nuts still serviceable.


New Products- MasterNiZCote

We worked with our world renowned customers to improve upon the performance of Zinc-Nickel coating on fasteners, to prolong its anti-corrosion properties. This is an effective solution as an alternative to the use of Cadmium.


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