Critical-Joint Integrity Management Services

Rental and sales of a full range of hydraulic, and mechanical tooling used in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Mining and General Industries around the world such as Bolt Tensioners, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Flange Pullers, Flange Alignment Tools, Flange Spreaders, Nut Splitters, Power Consoles and Accessories.

Our integrated services (including technicians where required) are tailored to meet your work scope from single connections to full scale construction projects and on-going refinery/plant maintenance contracts.

Our Critical-Joint Integrity Management System provides effective controls and systems of operations to ensure leak free startup and operation of jointed connections in Sub Sea and above water.


Customers with bespoke design requirements on specialised applications can be assured of our technical capablities provided by our in-house specialist designer from UK ,who has more than 20 years' experience in bolting tools design.

TSI-Hydraulic Tools 

Subsea Tensioner Tools Plates

Tri-Star Industries is capable of designing and producing tensioner's fixture plates for subsea flange joints This reduces set-up and operation time especially for the subsea environment where tight schedule always persist. With the introduction of this tool plate, divers no longer need to ' lock-in ' tensioners, one at a time on each stud bolts. This time consuming task is made easier especially for large size tensioners eg 3.0" to 4.0 " bolt sizes..Simply maneuver tools plate into position and adjust the jacking screw to allow tensioners to slide into studs. It is securely mounted on skid , designed to be lowered to the sea bed . Subsequently , air lifting bags are used to lift them off the skid to be aligned onto each flange for tensioning. Concurrent 50% tightening will need only 1 set of tool plate, whereas concurrent 100% tightening will need 2 sets of tool plates, saving diving time and costs!


Submarine Bolt Tensioning System


The picture above shows our Submarine SM bolt tensioning tool applied to a typical flanged joint. The unique and revolutionary light weight Quick Reaction Nut of hinged design makes this the most diver friendly tool available today Stainless Steel construction alleviates corrosion significantly improving operational reliability in the harshest of environments.

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